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Distglobal Pte Ltd : Supplies a wide range of packaging products for your product and commerce needs. From ideas to final last mile delivery, Distglobal has everything covered. Distributor of homeware lifestyle product in Singapore. Provides logistics services such as long/short term warehousing, inventory management, and B2B, B2C delivery service. Contact us now to find out more!
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Industries Served



Over the years, we have served a large number of retail stores and shopping malls both in Singapore and other countries. With knowledge of the dynamics of the retail environment (both off-line and on-line type), we know the importance of on-time delivery, the limitation of ordering quantity due to space constraint and others. Bundling with our customized value added services, we are efficient and cost-effective in managing your different requirements in this highly volatile environment. Check with us now and understand how Distglobal can help you to save both costs and time!


As more and more online delivery services surfaces, there is an increase in the demand for packaging used in this particular industry. Products such as take-away bags, food containers, utensils, freezer bags etc. We have the ability to supply in printed and customized products as well as off-the-shelves ready products.



We are an active qualified GeBiz vendor and have worked with various government agencies, education institutions and health institutions for their packaging requirements.


With the growing eCommerce industry, we position ourselves not only as a product supplier, but a service provider as well. From idea to final product delivered to your door step, we have it all covered. If you are a brand owner or a retail shop facing multiple challenges while running your business, working with Distglobal can greatly help to lighten your workload in operations and logistics aspects and you can concentrate on closing more sales for your products. You should spend time expanding your business and not in your store room picking and packing your product for delivery. Learn how we can help!